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The Future of Disinfection

Magec Tech is a global company dedicated to creating filtered Far-UVC based solutions to continuously sanitize spaces where we live, work and play - safely and effectively.

For over a century UVC has been touted for its anti-germicidal properties and has been used to disinfect water, wastewater, the air and much more. Far-UVC goes a step further by offering the same disinfection capabilities in a way that is much safer for humans.


At Magec Tech, we are on a mission to push the frontiers of Far-UVC technology to create a safer world, a world where humanity can safely coexist and thrive alongside inevitable viruses. Our products are the answer you have been looking for.   


Scientifically Proven.

Based on the ground-breaking research of Dr. David Brenner of Columbia University, our products are effective at destroying pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mold and spores in everyday spaces safely while people are present. With our filtered Far-UVC technology, the Magec Air ™️ inactivates 99.9% of viruses in as little as 3 seconds.


Safe to Use.

Filtered Far-UVC is a groundbreaking safe disinfection technology for humans. Magec Tech™️ filtered Far-UVC dosage meets the national and international standard (3 mJ/cm2) and doesn’t penetrate skin and cornea, ensuring the safety of occupied space disinfection.


Infinite Applications

From schools, to offices, to hospitals, to public transportation and everything in between, our product can be applied to virtually all spaces where we live, work and play. As this groung breaking technology contiues to evolve, far-UVC will become mainstream globally and our best long term tool in the fight against emerging viruses and bacteria. 

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